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HAP codec


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Hello all,

Probably already discussed here before but I've got a HAP problem. I recently bought a new production pc (laptop) and I can't get HAP files running on it. Works with Quicktime and other players though but WO only reads it as a sound file. On my other (older) production laptop the same file works perfectly. I installed the codec and all but no result. What am I forgetting?

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The hap codec is built into Watchout, so there is no need to install it. In fact, installing codecs on a computer running Watchout is generally not recommended. You don't mention which Watchout release you are running, but if it is 6.2.1, there is a bug that in many cases makes hap files with embedded audio show up as audio only. The workaround is to extract the audio from the video file, and run audio and video as separate files/cues. 

However, the bug is fixed, and will be included in an upcoming bug fix release of Watchout. 



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