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Image Sequence TGA vs Tiff


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Guest DavidA


Raw TGA will perform better than Tiff (needs conversion from RGB to BGR), and make sure you are using TGA without run-length encoding compression. I have also updated the text on the web. 

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As a fist formula I found out the following scenarios to work best for us:

Up to 3x layers of 4K video I use tiff because of the file size. 3x 4K tiff @1200mb/s = 3600MB/s = single 8 lanes pcie SSD or dual u.2 / pcie x4 SSD

To use 4x layers of 4K video I use tga because of the better performance 4x4K tga(a) @1600mb/s= 6400MB/s = dual pcie 8 lanes ssd

So the better performance comes with the price that you need nearly double SSD bandwith. For HD layers I count 1x4k layer as it would be 4 hd layers:

Its possible to playback 4x4K tga without problems and modern SSDs become more and more afforable.

Keep in mind that there should be at least 30% overhead to the given specs of the SSD read speed for smooth playback. Have a look at your pcie lanes!

NVME storage is also important when uploading to machines. Theres a significant difference between SATA raids and NVME while uloading!

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