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  1. Switch off the interrupt moderation in your production PC card and your clients. Maximize send and receive buffers. Intel cars are cool but if you want to reach maximum performance go for Melllanox or Atto cards! Keep in mind also the max write speed of your media disks. M.2 is getting hot after 30 seconds. So go for u.2 or PCIE cards. PM1725a Intel P4510 or HGST....
  2. I currently redesign the Wiki. Please find the Bios tweaks here: Sleep States: Talking about real time applications you should get rid of all settings which makes your CPU going to save energy. They are often called C- States and should be set so that your PC never sleeps. Sometimes you can also find a setting which is called "Block Sleep" (S3 State) So thats what you need to check and set to not stop your mediaserver from working at full power. Some mainboards have high performance modes. This is a good starting point. But dont just use auto tuning settings! Intel Speed Ste
  3. Hey Weckmuller. The intel SSD 750 series is quiet old right now. Go for Samsung PM1725a or any 8Lane SSD. Intel P4510 is also ok. Depends if you want to play uncompressed or not.
  4. Get the latest AMD driver. They added the functionality to manually force your GPU fan to run at full speed all the time. This might help. Do you use high quality active dapters? Also try what Thomas said. Get a new generation GPU might also help and can be easily changed without settimg up your whole machine completly new.
  5. I built based on a Xeon W-2145. (Xeon w-2155 is also ok if you want to use the machines for rendering etc.) It will run at 4,25 Ghz in all 8 core turbo mode. Note that you should populate the Ram slots with 4 memory channels. These are very important for uncompressed workflows! If you want to spent more money: Im testing Xeon Gold 6144 and 6146 this month. They have 6 memory channels available. These are usually Dual CPU boards so they come at a certain price point. Its also a massive difference if you want to play 4K 60 or 4K0 streams. With TGA(A) the current maximum is 4 layers of
  6. Did you check the following points? https://watchlab.net/wiki/Troubleshooting_FAQ (Happy for more advice on this!) What EDID are you using?
  7. Did you checked the "syncronisation chain master" button in the display settings? Without it the system will not deliver the power it has.
  8. Some things to check: - How long are your file names? - How many hops (switches between production and display) does your network infrastastructure has? - What switches are you using? - Do you checked cables? - I can have a quick look at the project file if u pm me.
  9. Well I would say if you can wait then go for the new Newtek HDMI 2.0 NDI converter box and buy 4 of them. If you need something now go for the Decklink 8K which has 4 12G SDI Inputs and put a simple HDMI to 12 G converter in front of it. For handling 4x4K inputs I wouldprefer a WX 9100 which give you a lot more overhead but I would give it a try first...
  10. The goal should be to have the CPU at maximum speed state and to minimize the time to ramp up the speed. I will add a little video later. Did you set the CPU minimum frequency to 100 % in Win 10 edvanced energy settings? This should be done in every case independent from the os! If so the CPU will still ramp up and down a little bit, but arround the maximum possible speed of 4,3 Ghz. "Overclocked" is not the right term in my opinion as people may think this is a dangerous thing. You can not overclock a Xeon CPU in the way people think about overclocking. You are setting the Intel tur
  11. Didnt tested with Win 7 so far but its just a Win 10 feature I guess. What is your mainboard / CPU? You should be able to hand over the task to the cpu. https://pureinfotech.com/windows-10-fall-update-enable-intel-speed-shift-skylake/ Never been happier than with the latest Win 10 LTSB update and AMD 2018Q2 drivers!
  12. Of course a question of resources but we sometimes apply an additional HD output just for timecode / countdown display reasons. Feel free to use it (50fps). Send me a pn for the simple ae project. vimeo.com/267041786
  13. I just want to quickly share some basic network tweaks. When dealing with 10G and 40G networks there are settings in the network drivers which become very important for the file transfer speeds. As the Intel X-550 series card is one of the most used cards I will explain with their settings. Most other cards use the same names for the settings: Interrupt Moderation: OFF / The interrupt moderation prevents the CPU from getting the load from the network card. Means when to much traffic is incoming the network card will not give away load to the cpu but will simply "moderate" the in
  14. As a fist formula I found out the following scenarios to work best for us: Up to 3x layers of 4K video I use tiff because of the file size. 3x 4K tiff @1200mb/s = 3600MB/s = single 8 lanes pcie SSD or dual u.2 / pcie x4 SSD To use 4x layers of 4K video I use tga because of the better performance 4x4K tga(a) @1600mb/s= 6400MB/s = dual pcie 8 lanes ssd So the better performance comes with the price that you need nearly double SSD bandwith. For HD layers I count 1x4k layer as it would be 4 hd layers: Its possible to playback 4x4K tga without problems and modern SSDs become mo
  15. 10 G is getting cheaper and cheaper! One option to get cheap into 10G: D-Link DXS-1100-10TS - 8 port 10GBASE-T, 2 port SFP+
  16. As written in few postings before I have a very high success with using Win 10. We are building machines for over a year now (Win 8.1 before) with it and the performance increased a lot. To be honest. Yes it was a long and hard way to go there. But I dont wont to miss it anymore! Using a Win 7 machines feels like a time travel now. The easier way and of course the more expensive way is to use Win 10 LTSB. Still you need to tweak it but the starting position is much better then with Win 10 Pro. If you are based in Europe send me a PN and I can tell you where and how to get it if
  17. From my experience I can unfortunately say notging but bad things about these Asus boards! To make things better I recommend you the following Bios tweaks. Turn off: - Hardware Prefetcher - Adjecent Line Prefetcher - Intel Adaptive Thermal Monitor - Advanced Intel Speed Step ( This is just for the older CPU Generation! With the new Xeon W and Xeon Scalable you need to turn it on) - CPU C States Turn on: CPU Turbo Mode General things about Asus X299 Boards. Have a look at the PCI lanes. What is the exact configuration of your cards? How are th
  18. Hey People. The current e2 firmware EDIDs seem to create problems in combination with AMD cards and WATCHOUT. The problem can be solved by using and emulating EDIDs in the graphics cards. If someone needs EDIDs you can write me a PN. One problem was actually solved by using an old 1080p60 edid from e2. I always use internal EDIDs. Thats preventing lots of issues. Jochri
  19. I used this tool on a couple of shows: https://www.bome.com/products/bomenet Cross platform compatible and super easy to use. Also in combination with their Bome Box!
  20. Some updated informations on Win 10 versions and hardware specs: I recently had the situation with our current machines and while building our new machines that the current Win 10 1709 does not deliver the performance I expected. Here some links/articles: - https://www.neowin.net/news/windows-10-fall-creators-update-fixes-the-directx-9-memory-allocation-bug - https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/games_windows_10/windows-10-fall-creator-update-ver-1709-breaking/8d564435-4a8e-46c5-8622-db8caab72cb6 - https://medium.com/changewindows/i-dont-want-microsoft-to-release-1709-9
  21. I agree with most of Dorians specs. However I think m2 SSDs are getting way too hot under continous load even when there is active cooling. The surface is just too small to handle the heat. I can recommend Intel P4500 / Micron 9100 & 9200 SSDs. They not only give you constant throughput but also better warranty options from my experience. They are made for 24/7 use. The intel x550 is currently the standard ethernet card of choice. You can go for atto too. There are lots of optimization options even in a network card. Also look at this topic: http://forum.dataton.com/topic/2745-n
  22. I think the UA-1010 OctaCapture from Rainer is an excellent choice! If you want to go more high end I would like to mention the Focusrite 16 Line. https://pro.focusrite.com/category/audio-interfaces/item/red-16line Its not on the market yet but it also has a meterbridge which can be very useful when someone complains about Watchout not playing sound . Then you just point on the meter and show him the moving meterbridge... But what makes it a real good choice in my eyes is the support of redundant DANTE audio networking. Edit: Not sure if its really redundant but having tw
  23. To get you started with win 10 tweaking there are essential tools I can recommend: 1. Ultimate Windows Tweaker: http://www.thewindowsclub.com/ultimate-windows-tweaker-4-windows-10 While you can do all these Tweaks in der Registry and through different commands this software takes a lot of the work away from you. 2. http://winaero.com/download.php?view.1832 This removes Cortana from your PC. It will eventually also stop your search function from working but this should be deactivated anyway. 3. http://apps.codigobit.info/2015/08/win-x-privacy-helper.html This will remove even mo
  24. Hey AVTermite! Nice Nickname! We run Watchout very successful on WIN 10 on more than 20 machines for around a year now. We also builded machines for some clients based on our WIN 10 image. About hardware: Get the fastest single core performance processor you can get. Currently this is either the XEON 1650 V4 or the i7 version of it. We are experimenting with the new generation but this is still under development and I can't tell you exactly what to buy if you want to be safe! Also think about PCIe lanes. With additional SSD storage and maybe capture cards you need a lot of sto
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