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Watchnet not locating to correct Cue from Script

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Hi All, 


Has anybody had problems where by Watchnet (4.2) does not locate to the correct Cue from a script? 


Works fine from a button direct to Watch out (6.2.2).But not from a script? 


Checked for duplicate cues, clears the cache, remade the script, remade the Cue....



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Following up,

This project was migrated  from another site (same client, same setup). However it appears that the new installation does not appear to like doing a script with

  • Timeline Control Jump to Cue name AND run. 

really eratic behavour, jumping to a new wrong cue each run of the script

It is more than happy for me however to 

  • Timeline Control Jump to Cue name AND stop
  • Wait a Sec
  • Timeline Control RUN



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Hi Shane,

I've tried to reproduce your issue using WATCHNET (1.4) and WATCHOUT (6.2.2) and I cannot get the error you mention. 
If I create multiple named control cues, either on the main timeline or on an auxiliary timeline (task), I can jump between them using either buttons that do it directly or scripts and get the correct results. I cannot see any difference using STOP or RUN together with the jump action.

One thing that I can think of that could cause these issues is if you have multiple control cues with the same name in a timeline. 

Could I ask you to send an email to support tagged with WATCHNET and provide links to your shows (both WATCHNET and WATCHOUT) and I can investigate further?


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