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3D video file playback within WO?


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I have an interesting challenge posed for Watchout and I'm hoping that someone here might have some insight into our madness.

I've been asked if it is possible to play back 3D video content (specifically Sequential 3D) within Watchout that can then be fed to a screen or projector that makes use of active glasses.

We've run separated left/right on different outputs for use with two projectors and polarized glasses before, but the hope here is to run a single HDMI or SDI to the projector and utilize the internal 3D tech to manage the IR emitter for the active glasses.

We've considered running the content as Top/Bottom rather than Sequential, but the artist is concerned about the drop in resolution since this will be projected over a large area.

Ultimately the goal is to have a blended image that appears 3D if you're wearing glasses.

Has anyone managed to run 3D out of Watchout before? 

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Sequential 3D is not possible to generate in Watchout. Can’t your active projector or display handle two full res feeds and combine them into a sequential result? Should be possible 

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