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Sound cutting on display or production computer

Michel Gilbert

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We are experiencing a strange problem and have not been able to find either the cause nor the solution.


In our studio, we use desktop computers for prod and display. No problem with sound.


On the road we use laptops for both display and production role. In this case our two laptops ( very powerful machines bought last year) used for display cannot be used as the sound source since the sound stops playing intermitently, never at the same place on the timeline. It is not a question of lagging but a silent phase in the program.


Our walkaround has been to use a production laptop for audio. The same problem happens with some laptops we use for that purpose as well.


Fortunately we have two production laptops that work... A computer that work runs on XP and one runs on Windows 7.


We have not been able to isolate any cause for this problem but for the fact that it appears on laptops. Displays are very werful gaming Asus and productions that work are Dell XPS 1210 and a small Asus netbook. Laptop production that does not work are another less recent Asus netbook and a Dell XPS 1330 that is older that the above-mentioned XPS.


Video is impeccable on the display laptops.


Any suggestions?


Michel Gilbert






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