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Watchout Control Application Beta Release


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Hi all,

I've been developing a small application to externally control Watchout's aux timelines and to provide a few extra features that I've needed on recent shows. It controls the production machine only and runs on windows.

It's a rather simple app.. Here are it's primary functions -

  • retrieves all your aux timelines and populates a listbox automatically
  • grabs the duration of each up to a control cue titled "!end". ( you place that in each timeline wherever you want the countdown to end)
  • displays that duration for each
  • provides a countdown timer for the task that's currently running.
  • Basic playback controls - play, stop, go to 20, go to 10, ect

It's mainly a personal project, but I think it could contribute to the community so I'm releasing the beta for free.

If anyone is interested in testing it out, here's a link to the page -


Feel free to offer feature requests.



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