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Automatic pre-split grid script


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Are you tasked with the content creation of a large-scale video wall? Are you tired of endless render setups? Is your After Effects machine in peril of a short flight through a nearby window?

Why, oh god why isn't there a better way to split video files according to a pre-established grid of output cells.

Now there is! I give you, the pre-split grid render script:

What is it?

A command-line tool that takes a large resolution video file canvas, and automatically splits it according to a grid of 'cells', where each individual cell is an output file with the correct cropping for that screen. You can enable or disable cells as your display wall shape requires.



  • Enable or disable output files according to a grid
  • Grid is automatically established based on input file resolution and requested output file resolution (defaults to 1280x720)
  • Files are rendered to ProRes 422
  • Files are rendered to an output folder with the same name as the input file minus extension
  • Much faster than Adobe Media Encoder
  • Lightspeed compared to rendering directly from Adobe After Effects
  • Works on any machine, doesn't need to have any Adobe software installed
  • Existing files are skipped automatically
  • Tested only on OS X, might work on Windows
  • FREE as in sunlight (open source)

Built for a recent project with @Hugo Janzen where we got majorly sick of After Effects render times.


  • ffmpeg and ffprobe must be installed
  • Node must be installed (available in Homebrew through 'brew install npm && brew install node')

Have fun!

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