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Jump cue causes still image flash


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I'm having an issue with WO 6.2.2
If I have the timeline running over a still image, then use a jump cue (to time or named control cue) which is over the same still image, the output flashes to black (or whatever is behind) for a fraction of a second. I've been testing it in an aux timeline. Not sure if it happens on the main timeline.

Anyone else had this?
I've tried adding the image to a composition. 
Next step might be to render out a single frame video for the image.


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I've seen this behaviour before too when trying to jump between control cues in a timeline, in earlier versions than 6.2.2 and I think as far back as v5. The workaround I found was to split the background (unchanging part of the loop) from the foreground in two separate tasks so that I could fade the background image in and out in one task, and then jump between cues in another task. It works most of the time (still not entirely reliably) and complicates the programming a bit since you now have twice as many tasks to manage.

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