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WATCHOUT 6.2.2 not seeing video capture


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Recently upgraded a Win 7 display machine from Watchout 5.5.1 to 6.2.2.   Everything seems to work except Live Video In.  Using BMD mini recorder I could get a picture from SDI input or HDMI input on 5.5.1 but not 6.2.2.  This was using various different SDI formats including 1080P at 23.98 fps.  BMD software sees the input OK.  I get an error message in Watchout saying "video in 1 set to none" I tried setting video input to 2, 3 same message "video in 2 set to none"  "video in 3 set to none"  It seems to be some kind of driver issue but updating the BMD drivers did not help

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I used the control W key command to access "video in" on the display machine and checked that it was set to the BMD WDM driver.  This did nothing to solve the problem so I downgraded Watchout to version 6.0.2 and then it worked.  The live video menu function looks like the version from 5.5.1. which also works.  I would prefer to use the newer version of Watchout if possible because if I'm not mistaken it seems to be more stable than the older software.

By the way when users remote into the display machine what program do they use to do this?  Is it something like TeamViewer or a built in function of Watchout?

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I'm not a big fan of the BMD capture cards. I will say I'm using Datapath cards on the newest version just fine.


The remote access piece is a flavor of VNC built into watchout. The downside of that is if watchout itself isn't running, no remote support. I've been playing with varying levels of other workarounds for this - adding remote relays to the power/reset buttons on the motherboard, remote KVM systems, but most prominently I've been running Teamviewer. Teamviewer DEFINITELY is NOT recommended, but it's sort of my best worst option right now. I'm having good results on machines that are on very segmented networks. Again, its definitely not recommended though.

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The remote feature uses a VNC program built into WATCHPOINT. This is also one of the reasons why you should not install a VNC program on any WATCHOUT display computer since both would probably use the same ports.

We also use Datapath most of the time but when using some older BM cards, we always use the Decklink driver w/o WDM on the name.

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