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NDI Scan Converter black screen error?????


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I'm trying to use NDI Scan Converter (of NDI tools) to send the screen of a Win 10 PC to a Watchpax 2 (1920x1080). 

I'm sending the desktop (as the app used won't show up in the app list of Scan Converter when it is full screen), but everytime the media cue is started, I have to move the mouse of the Scan Converter PC to the taskbar, otherwise the output is black. If I try to send the desktop without any app running I still have to move the mouse (but not to the taskbar) to activate output after a cue has been started. This happens on the Watchpax output as well as the production computer preview.  MapQuest

 Has anyone used Scan Converter without this "bug"? Rufus

I've also tried Ultra VNC server, which seem to work, as there's not really any video, only still images that change without transitions.  UpToDate

My other option would be to use a usb capture card (Magewell USB Capture HDMI Plus) which I guess would be the most stable solution?

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I could be wrong, but my understanding of Newtek's tools is that they use/need a change of frame, of some sort, to start outputting the stream, which you achieve when you move your mouse and/or reveal the taskbar. Is there some sort of change that you could have programmed into the Scan Converter computer at the top of your cue?

On the other hand, if all you're doing is showing still images, is there any way you could have those images in Watchout so you wouldn't need to use NDI Scan Converter at all?

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