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Wacthnet panel transfer


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Is it possible to transfer a panel from one watchnet server to another one?

(The server that it has to be transferred to already has panels configured, so I actually want to add a panel to the existing panels.)

I've been searching but everything I found is a dead end.

Thanks in advance.

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I don't believe "brain surgery" at that granularity is possible with WATCHNET (at least it wasn't when I wrote it). It is however possible in PIXILAB Blocks, which does what WATCHNET does and a whole lot more. Read more about Blocks on Dataton's website:


or direct from the "horses mouth" at



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Dear Olof,

Sadly Mike is correct, there is no way to export/import single panels, scripts, etc. between WATCHNET servers. Right now the only option is to completely replace the setup of one server with that of another by replacing the WATCHNET_Data folder.



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