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Hi all, and dataton crew

i follow the tweaking guide for win 10 thoroughly !

so far so good with win 10 LTSB and update KB 4057142 .

i'm still testing watchout 6.3 and will switch to win 10 after weeks of heavy testing !

i just noticed one thing with the WATCHPOINT.EXE process when you look its priority in taskmanager.

When you start  WATCHPOINT.EXE manually its priority is "normal"

but if you use the taskscheduler and follow the tweaking guide to start watchpoint.exe with a task

its priority is "below normal"

So is it...Normal ? :))))

Should watchpoint.exe be set to high or is it useless ?

i also created a task to kill explorer.exe before starting watchpoint

is it a good idea ? i've seen on the forum somewhere that the process "explorer.exe"

should be killed for stable playback.

Tak !


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I made some tests with bumping the priority of WP.EXE way back, but came to the conclusion at that time that increasting the priority of WP.EXE actually made things WORSE.  There are a lot of things going on under the hood, which all need to share the same CPU. Bumping the priority of some tasks usually have a detrimental effect on others, resulting in an "unbalanced" system. Also, keep in mind that there are ususally TWO processes related to the display computer. WATCHPOINT.EXE is really just the "watchdog" process (to restart the display software if it crashes), while WP.EXE is the actual player process. At least that was the case last I looked.

Mike – http://pixilab.se

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