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Kensington lock on Watchpax 20


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Hello everyone, I just bought a Watchpax 20 and I'm touring with it and a laptop. Fantastic performance, besides my back thanks a lot.

I found a strange problem when I attempt to fit a Kensington lock: I've not enough room and this operation makes me move the power connector so that the unit switch off, even if I put the max. care on it. If I connect the Kensington before the power connector, I'm not able to plug the power connector itself.i Luckily all this happens during the rehearsal, but it makes me wonder if is a problem of mine, due to the connector of the power supply I have, or if this thing has to be told to the designers of this product, so that they will improve for the upcoming units to be delivered, for instance moving the attachment of the Kensington aside. Please, look at the picture here attached. Thank you. 

Paolo Marchetti


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