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Black Magic Drivers

Neil Stratton

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Hi all-does anyone know if you can get just the driver for the BlackMagic cards and not the Desktopvideo package that you receive with the cards? i have a Decklink SDI and what is happening is this:

When I install the DesktopVideo app v9.1 I am then unable to play .mov files. I get an error message :

Posted Image

If I uninstall the app it plays fine. When I reinstall the app it works for a while but then stops. I am truly puzzled.

Thanks in advance

Neil Stratton

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This is NOT possible, as far as I know.


And .mov is NOT a specific file format, it's a container format.

Depending on which codec is used inside, you can have various issues.

Are these files PhotoJPEG/MotionJPEG?


If so, see this discussion:



Still, the preferred/recommended file formats for WATCHOUT is:


MPEG-2, WMV-9 and H264 (.mp4), with separate audio, as.wav

Keep within these boundaries, and you will have less issues.





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Hi Jonas-thanks for that.The files were PhotoJpeg. They were stock footage that I had added at the last minute on a show where I didnt have time to encode them as Mpeg 2 or H264. When I came to look at how my system handled the Decklink card I just used my old show as it was already loaded. Although they had originally played without issue, they wouldnt once the BlackMagic driver was installed.

Shame about the lack of standalone driver.Tip for others who install the Desktop Video App-check your startup in msconfig as it throws 3 items in there.

Once again thanks for your help


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