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New Pc build 2020


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Howdy! im Sergio from Argentina. I am planning a new display computer build and i had a few questions:

-anybody has some experience running watchout V5 on windows 10?  new hardware (motherboards mainly i guess) have limited compatibility with win7, and sadly upgrading all keys to V6 is not an option right now.

-searching the forum i got a bit confused about the "pci lanes" topic. With just one capture card im fine.

-It seems the norm is Intel cpus, has anybody built a system with those flashy new Ryzens?  im between a i9 or a Ryzen5800x. 

-regarding the Gpu i will go for something like a Gtx2060/2070/2080. Im aiming at 2 4k 60hz outputs. A Gtx 2060 would be fine? 

thanks for reading fellow watchouters, any help is apprecciated. 


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The Windows 7 compatibility issue with mainboards is usually related to USB 3.0 drivers and there are a few workarounds to add a driver to the installer DVD.

Regarding WATCHOUT 5 you should check "Dataton software - earlier version archive" which is pinned as one of the top threads in this forum.

WATCHOUT 5 does not work on Windows 10. The latest version is Windows 8.1. You'll also need to install Quicktime.

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