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Black Screen


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Is there any difference between a projection of "black image or video", to the situation of "no image" on the timeline?

And, are there any difference related to the above when the outputs of the graphic card are Analog or Digital?


* I'm trying to figure out a very minor strange behavior, when the timelines moves from "no image" to "video" it is doing like "re-sync".


Any related info are welcome!



Michael H.

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Can you describe the problem more than "re-sync"?


The only difference I know of between no image and a black image is you can set the color of the background to something other than black...


Where do you see this "re-sync"? Is it a pre-split video for a super-wide blend? Or are you going out to discreet individual screens?


Are you direct to the screens or are you hitting a video switch with your outputs first?


What WatchOUT version?


Analog vs Digital it should not make a difference to the playback itself but if you are hitting a video switch first and something is being converted analog>digital or digital>analog then you can definitely see sync issues. My general rule of operation for WatchOUT to perform at its best is native native native. If your destination is digital then everything in line between your WatchOUT server and the screen should be digital. If you are blending projectors together you should -always- use digital. If you have an analog signal you should stay analog and stay away from trying to do edge blending and if you are hitting a video switch it all depends on what kind of switch you are using as to what should be done.

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The problem was with a projector that was connected to a display that is working (24/7), but the projector is shut down after each show.

When the video start, which is about 5 minutes after the show has started, the picture disappeared for a very short period (like! a quick re-sync).

I never saw such a behavior.


The next thing to do is to put an image prior to the video, and see if it is still accrue.

I couldn't checked it yet, so meanwhile I asked if it could be a difference between the signals that come out from the graphic card:

While online - to - when the display play the media.


Hope I'm clear with the description...

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There should be no change in the video signal itself from watchout. Assuming you are online with no issues going from black to an image should not cause a refresh of the watchout machine output. Between offline and online watchout takes over the graphics card and a change could be seen at point but once you are online watchout locks down that signal and only changes the content that is bring played.


5 minutes into a cue is a long time for a that kind of glitch... Does it happen at the same time or point in the roll every time?


Are you using an edid manager? Any switching between the display machine and the projector or is it a direct connection?

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