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Asking for advice on use of rtsp streams


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Hello, I was hoping someone could help me to stream my nest box camera on to Youtube.

A bit of background. I have two IP cameras that feed in to a H-View H-264 NVR. This NVR then connects in to my LAN and I am able to view the two IP cameras via CMS 2.0 on my PC and via the NVSIP app on my phone. This can be at home or away from home, so the streams are exiting the LAN. One of these IP camera is in a Blue Tit’s nest box and I would like to be able to stream this to Youtube Live. I have read that I need to use OBS Studio to do this and that I need the RTSP URL to enter in to OBS. However, despite scouring the internet for advice on the structure of the RTSP URL for this NVR, I have been unable to come up with anything that works. I just get a blank screen. I have tried entering the various URLs that I have tried in VLC and I get the response that “Your input cannot be opened”.

Now, just to put this in to a bit more context. I have a second NVR attached to all of the security cameras around my house. This is an ANNKE NVR and I was able to find an article on the internet that described how to construct the RTSP URL for this make of NVR. I followed those instructions and that URL works successfully on both VLC and OBS. So I mention this to show that I do have some understanding of what I am trying to do, but perhaps not quite as much as you guys!!!

I have tried running Wireshark, but cannot see any reference to an RTSP URL, (although I couldn’t get the ANNKE NVR to show an RTSP URL either, so perhaps I am doing something wrong there.

So I was hoping that someone might be able to advise me on the way to construct an RTSP URL for the H-View NVR or suggest some software that might capture it. Of course, it may be that this particular NVR does not support the RTSP protocol. But how could I confirm that? If the H-View stream can be seen via CMS or NVSIP, would that imply that RTSP is being used? If RTSP is not supported, is there any other way that I could stream to Youtube Live?

This is the URL that I have successfully used for the Annke NVR rtsp://admin:[PASSWORD]@

And this is one of the many URLs that I have tried for the H-View rtsp://admin:[PASSWORD]@

I have used port 80 because I saw that mentioned as an alternative to 554. If I use 554, VLC reports that “connection failed”

I apologise if this is not the correct forum to be asking this question. Please advise if that is the case.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.


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We just did a live stream of our Blocks 5 launch from RTSP camera to YouTube. We used the open source OBS streaming solution, which worked perfectly. You can watch the result here.

You do need to get the right URL of course. Those can be tricky to find. Port 554 is standard for the RTSP protocol. You say you got an RTSP URL working fine in VLC and OBS already, which is a good sign. Are you trying to get the stream into WATCHOUT? Or what's your problem here, and how does it relate to this forum?



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