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Stand by through black

Neil Stratton

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Hi all-can someone advise me a trick to avoid stand by layers going through black first?

Say I have an image on the timeline and the same one on a stand by layer. If I move to stand by the screen darkens momentarily before returning to the same image. I can obvioulsy drop the time to 0s for a straight cut but that isnt suitable for this project.

Thanks in advance


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Sorry, you can't avoid the slight dip in the middle, as it is intrinsic to how standby works. Apart from turning it into a "cut", as you say.


Having said that, depending on your needs here, you may be able to accomplish similar effects (i.e., doing an "interactive transition") using an input that controls the opacity of a layer that appears on top of other layers. Or perhaps trigger an auxiliary timeline that fades up on top of all other timelines, etc. So there are other ways to accomplish similar things, which may or may not choose your needs.

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