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Show web browser?


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Hi everyone,

I’m new to to watchout and looking for a way to display a web browser website.

I mean, simply showing a specific web page (google slides)  I tried to Google it or play with the UI but didn’t see any way to do that.

Warchout has so many features but this simple one I’m not happen to find..

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I'd probably use a separate machine to run the Google slides presentation and capture it as a video input of some kind, NDI if you don't have the capture card(s) necessary for your setup.


That'd make it easier to keep your display servers from touching the internet.

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vMix has a built-in browser feature, and can output NDI into WATCHOUT. The Watchout Dynamic Image Server used to have this feature too, but I don't know if that's still around (and vMix may be less expensive and better here actually). What's nice with the vMix solution compared to capturing it off the screen as Sean suggests above, is that you actually can get a true alpha channel out of vMix (assuming the web page is desiged with this in mind - not specifying a background color). I can provide a link more information on how to set up vMix for true alpha channel into WO if that sounds interesting.


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