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Encoding Software for 1080p/50 / non HD standards


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Dear community,


can anyone recommend (affordable) software that encodes m2v and maybe wmv in




(1366 / 16 = no integer)




Most of the tools I use and post production houses use cannot encode the above (including TMPGEnc and Telestream Episode 6 Pro). Episode 5 does the above but since the wise people at Telestream changed their MPEG2 encoder between 5 and 6 its no longer possible.



Other tools you have used / can recommend?

Thanks, Tobi

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I've generally been happy with TMPGEnc when using non-standard frame sizes, and have so far never run into anything it couldn't do. Fast and cheap too! ;) Keep in mind that with MPEG2 you need to stay within the macroblock constraints in terms of frame sizes. If you really need an oddball size, round it up in encoding (padding the video with a black bar), then crop this off in WATCHOUT to get back to the exact pixel size you need.

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