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Dual Processor motherboard - has anyone tried it before?


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Hi guys,

I need to build a system which can capture simultaneously 12 fhd- hdmi inputs.

The outputs need to be directed to a video wall - 2 4K outputs and 2 fhd outpus, making a 5X2 videowall.

The capture cards that are going to be used are: 3 Datapath VisionSC-HD4+ cards, each 8 pcie lanes.

My system designer has suggested using a Dual Processor motherboard : SuperMicro MB X11DPH-I, with a 2 Intel XEON Gold 5215 processors. 

The video card he suggested is: PNY RTX A4000 16G GDDR6.


does anyone has any experience with Dual Processor motherboards?

what do you think about this build?


thanks, Eli




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i have build quite a lot of these systems.

These are typically enterprise plattforms which make certain things easier and somethings harder.

Go for Gen 4 PCIe -  RTX A5000 should be the right card - fill every memory channel - set your bios correct - consider buy a server of the shelf or from me ;)

Dual CPU is working good.

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