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Display computer doesn't appear in Network window, BUT has strange PARTIAL connectivity between production computer.

James P

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Strange connectivity problem. The display computer has disappeared from the Network window in Watchout production. But I can still remote access the display computer. I can also move media around in the stage, with live update on, and see the media  move around (coming out of my projectors). But when I play the timeline, the media does not play. I see videos playing on the stage, and in the 2D display geometry windows, but it doesn't play through the output projectors. When I go offline and online again, it will refresh what's coming out of the projectors, but just a frozen frame.

Also, when I go to standby mode, it doesn't go to black. Yet, I can move the playhead, refresh, and get a new frozen frame out of the projectors, so I'm getting content out of the projectors....

I've pinged the display computer successfully. I've tested the network connection by connecting the display computer to the internet to confirm its working. I've checked the static IP addresses to make sure they and the subnet masks match. I've reinstalled Watchout on both the display and production computers. Same problem.

We have a complete duplicate system at our theater, and when I hook up this display computer to the other working system, noting works on it. I can't see this display computer on the network list, and I cannot remote operate it. This makes sense. But on the other system, I can do all of the previously mentioned stuff.

Running windows 10 on the production computers, and windows 7 on the display computers. Watchout Version 6.6.5, (My other working system is a complete duplicate)

Any Ideas to why I can't see the display computer on the network, yet I can still remote access it?

The problem seemed to start just after I was experimenting with an NDI video source. Now even starting a new project from scratch has the same connectivity issue.


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Sounds a bit like the network issue discussed in several posts in the forum already.

Are you sure that you only have ONE open network connection on your production computer? When you played with NDI, did you change anything in respect to broadcast (UDP) messages on the network?

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