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Watchout 6.5.5 production software chrash

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When programmering a show with Live update enabled and autosafe on I found that when draging content over the displays

the production software sometimes chrashes.

Last day I disabeled the Autosafe function and it seems that it did not happen.

Is this a know bug?


Kind regards,

Arjen Mooij

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I usually keep away from auto-save as well. It's a feature for people who tend to forget to save from time to time while programming. I usually "save a copy as..." to a file myShow_date_time.watch      when I think that it is a good time for making a snapshot of my work. Saving in set intervals might just save things which I actually want to get rid of and when reverting to such a snapshot I might not find it very useful.

And don't forget to prepare a consolidated show once your ready or at the end of your working day preparing a live show.

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