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Custom build for 6 exit server


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I'm trying to create a new build for some new server with 6 exit.

I'm willing to use a 11th gen I7 with 8core, but I'm not sure if someone have tried to use the Z590 chipset and have some feedback about that.
I've searched the forum and haven't found anything about this chipset.
For the graphics card, I've seen a lot of people use the WX9100 without a lot of problems even if someone found some difficulties during setup.
I'm also thinking of using a M.2 pcie SSD with some cooling device to keep it from throttling, have someone had some problem with this particular issue?

At this moment I'm thinking of this configuration, any help would be much aprecieted


Intel i7 11700KF
Msi z590 pro high performance motherboard 2.5G lan
512gb pcie Samsung 970 for os
2tb pcie Samsung 970 for watchout
32gb Corsair 3600MHz ddr4 ram
Corsair fully mod 750w gold power supply
AMD pro wx 9100 16gb graphic card


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Thank you for your feedback,

I hadn't thought about that, I'm going to look in the new drive. 

Also, i want to ask, have you ever had any problem of temperature with this drive?
I'm going to mount the drive with some heatsink, but I'm curios about this issue a lot of people is talking about.

thank you

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