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I am beginning research on a project that will integrate live actors and created content projection on a 240 foot building (3 projectors delivering 1024 X 768 each) . I would like to have the content be 3d anaglyph (red/cyan). Is there a method to do this that does not involve the doubling of the projectors?


Does any one have suggestions on a content creation workflow? none of the footage would be shot (no live action) all will be created in 3D (3ds max and Maya)?


Can i retain live control of certain 3d elements? can these be anaglyph also?


any comments or suggestion will be greatly appreciated




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You should do more research into creating stereoscopic anaglyph content before you worry about how to project the content. There is great information available through a quick web search! When I've done stereoscopic anaglyph projection in the past the stereoscopic images come from a single source... both eyes programmed into the same picture. This is how you get 3D from DVDs that don't support parallel or cross-view encoding like Blu-ray does. You should have no reason to worry about complex setups through WatchOUT if the content has been appropriately built with the anaglyph. Systems like ReadD use separate full color images for each eye and separate the two using polarization. RealD accomplishes this using a single projector at a doubled refresh rate, a synced polarizing filter, polarized glasses and either two synced sources or a single source programmed in a special way (e.g. blu-ray). Anaglyph does not need this separation as the red/cyan was designed to allow the images for both eyes to exist in the same frame.


To retain true "live control" over 3D elements (real time changes of spacial rotation/scaling/morphing/lighting/textures/etc) you will probably need to bring them into WatchOUT from a source that can handle this (e.g. a separate computer feeding a VNC or capture card of some kind) such as Touch Designer.

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