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Reason of this error ?


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Hello friends 


in my Last show i m using only 1 1920x1080 output with only Hap video on some PNG stills

So my problem is in beginning my stage window box where content is playing started blinking like how led tiles lost signal and black patch comes then my production software becoming heavier and started working too slow i had only few hap av's in mean while i did repair watchout and pc restart also but again after some time this problem started and after during the end of show i got error of network signal lost  X sign comes on window but still i can operate the show working good in the last i got so many error messages in windows

please see the attached error photo

what i m assuming the reason

1 .few day before i installed hap encoder plugin for adobe converter

2. Ssd hard drive working slow or corrupted




watchout version 6.7

windows 10 pro all tweaks good according your tweaking files

nvme 1 tb 3rd gen for watchout

samsung ssd for OS

32gb ram 

amd radeon wx7100

active dp hdmi








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Those rather cryptic errors are usually seen when you add bigger files and then e.g. click into a timeline while being in LIVE mode. The reason is usually that the file is still traveling to the display computer but since you clicked somewhere, the production software wants to see the result of your action on the screen immediately.

Since the display computer can't load the new file before it is fully copied to the display computer and analyzed, it will throw those strange messages which can be ignored in this case. Since the display computer might as well be really busy copying at this moment, it might feel to the production computer as if it is temporarily lost. Red X.

Try to set the preview to thumbnail only to reduce the load on your production computer and maybe try to turn off the LIVE mode.

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