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Warping & Softedging

Benni Brostian

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Hello Guys -


short Question. I had a look at the Video Tutorials for learning watchout a view

month ago.


Question : Is there any Warping and or Softedge Tutorialvideo?


I have to do a job in the next weeks with Warping and Softedge with 6 Projectos.


Would be great to see something and get information before i have to do this job.


Thanks a lot!

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A simple low tech approach is to calculate the physical locations of the center and corner points for the projection area of each projector. You can mark them on the actual, e.g. curved, screen and then make your image fit.

The quickest way would be to make your whole projected area larger than the screen area and use Watchout's geometry correction to "shrink it". Once you got the center and corner points the rest should be simple to do.


I am sure there are more high tech ways to do this but for shows with little set up time this has worked well for us. :)


Good Luck


Martin Block

Live Media

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