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Hardware indication for new pcs displays


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Hello, my name is Ademar, I am a video engineer at UpGrade here in Brazil, we have been working with Watchout for more than 8 years in corporate events, we have just updated our 5 licenses to version 6, we have projectors and led panels and we use machines with the AMD video card model W7100, and sync card s400, we are in the process of assembling 4 more pc displays, I would like an indication of what hardware I should use, which motherboard is recommended and which video card I can use that I have synchronzation, I saw that the firepro line changed and the board available on the market is now the PRO W6600, I didn't find in my research mention that it woriks with the s400 synchronization module, can you help me please?

Best Regards,

Ademar Locks

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