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Trying to use an AVerMedia HD DVR for HDMI Capture


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Hi everyone,

I have a system running v5.2

5 towers

4 displays with AVerMedia HD DVR capture cards



Windows XP SP3


It's a 5 year old system but the computers were pretty beefy at the time. At any rate I installed AVerMedia HD DVR cards to use with WAtchout for capture and I am having trouble finding the right settings to get the video to show. WIth the AVermedia software I have confirmed that it is receiving an HDMI feed and it looks great there but when I try to set it up in Watchout it does not show.

I am using the following settings:

Name: HDMI

Input Device:1

Signal Input: HDMI :1

Video Standard: NTSC_M

DeInterlacing: Best

Preview: Thumbnail

Dimensions: 1024 x 768


I have confirmed that Device 1 is the Avermedia Capture on each display and have no luck on any of them.

Am I screwing up a setting? I've tried a variety of changes but don't seem to make any progress. I'm not sure what to try next.


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