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multiple displays per computer - no output on the rotated displays

Rogier Tuinte

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Since version 5 it's possible to have multiple displays per computer. We're using the radeon 6950 graphics card.

I'm a little bit disappointed that the resolution of each display should be the same, but OK.

In the release notes I read that each display can be placed freely on the Stage, and fully supports all the standard capabilities such as display density, rotation and edge blending to each output.


I connected 6 displays to our display machine (each running 1024 x 768), display 1 and 2 are not rotated, display 3 (-90 degrees), display 4 (90 degrees) and display 5 and 6 are not rotated as well.

When I put the alignment grid for example over all the displays. The alignment grid is only visible on display 1,2,5 and 6.

The rotated displays are black.... No output. When I remove the rotation, the alignment grid is visible on all the displays.

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Regarding rotation:


Yes, this is a known problem that will be solved in an upcoming release.

No timeframe on this yet, unfortunately.



Regarding "disappointed that the resolution of each display should be the same":


This is not a limitation of WATCHOUT 5, this is inherent in the graphic card setup.

Also related to keep the sync between the different outputs.

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