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Already order an RTX 2080 card, wondering if I should wait for RTX 2080 Super.


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So I ordered an MSI RTX 2080 graphics card and I was wondering if waiting for the super edition would be better.Keep in mind that unfortunately in my country, graphics cards don't follow the prices nvidia set.So when the super cards are released, they will be about 100$ more expensive. If they had the same price ofcourse i would cancel my order. So do you think the RTX 2080 Super will be worth the extra 100$ + the longer wait time?tweakbox appvalley https://vlc.onl/

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I'm not a friend of consumer cards since they are usually outdated within weeks again and if something breaks you'll never be able to get the same graphic card again, but...

The speed of the graphic cards is not the main factor for WATCHOUT anyway. Except for HAP codecs, the rendering is done on the CPU and the GPU is not used that much. On the other hand Tweens are handled by the GPU rather than the CPU. So if you mainly plan to play videos as they are you won't need the fastest GPU.




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