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Custom resolutions for FirePro cards


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One of the great features of Watchout is it works with either of the "mainstream" brands of graphics card - Nvidia and ATI.


When I run a show on some other platforms (with Nvidia cards) we usually create a custom res thats a bit more compatible with MPEG playback. So an SXGA+ 1400 x 1050 res becomes 1392 x 1048. Same with MPEG files dimensions - they should satisfy the divisible by 16 & 8 rule.


Back to Watchout: is there any benefit to following the above rule for MPEG/MPEGII playback? (Screen res divisible by 16/8, media dimensions the same.)


AND: if so how would that be achieved? ATI seems pretty thin on the ground in custom resolutions. Has anyone tried the ATi custom timing tool/powerstrip/editting you're registry to allow non-standard resolutions?



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While certainly possible, I would not recommend it and carefully avoid to do so.

Not all projectors/Display devices will accept or deal well with it and your device will definitely

perform better at a standard, native resolution (VESA) than a custom built one.


If you want to tweak the file dimensions, do that, then scale the file to the full, native output resolution in WATCHOUT instead.

This is done by the graphics card, so no extra load on the processor etc.


For 1400x1050 I usually use 1280x960 and scale up to full res in WATCHOUT, looks great.

One other benefit is faster encoding/rendering times in the pipeline before WATCHOUT.



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*nod* yep smaller would always be better, most people can not tell the difference anyway. And 1280 x 960 satisfies the MPEG 16 x 8 pixel dimension rule. This may seem a little obscure and I'm not 100% if it applies to newer codecs like H.264. Does it matter in Watchout at all? I've seen other kit (SW) really choke (with issues like regular cogging or jerky scaling) unless large files conform to those requirements but they where all OpenGL based shaders rather than D3D. Also, what format would one have for something like a TVC? I would normally use PhotoJPEG but it won't play in Watchout :( is there something of like quality that is supported?



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I doubt that there would be any noticeable difference.

Frame rate on the content vs refresh rate on the output and/or content bit rate vs the hardware configuration

and the chosen display device/s, makes much more difference.

This requires testing and verifying anyway, on the intended platform, as usual.


WATCHOUT will play back almost anything you'll throw at it, how well depends on the above.



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