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Frozen Pictur in WATCHPOINT (5.2)


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Hello WO Team


Actual configuration:

Advance the current information on our system:


Display Computer with Windows 7 Professional, Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1


New installed Graphic Card, AMD FirePro V5900


Watchout version 5.2



Previously the computer with another graphic card and WO Version 5.0 did run without any truble.



To the actual problem:

The display computer does not play the actual show. As soon as we go online ore do a update with the production computer the display computer just shows the last image that would be visible on the preview.


This means, that videos will not play. Also if we change from on still image to another it will not show the new image on the display computer. The image stays frozen in the Watchpoint until to the next update on the production computer (ctrl – d) will be done.


Running the same content by production computer/Watchpoint on the display computer with WO-production it works without any problems.

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I don't think the graphic card is the issue. Something else must be different since the new installation of that card.


What you describe, indicates that all network traffic is not coming through.

Download/Update is TCP/IP, Playback commands is UDP.

The UDP traffic seems to be blocked.


Please try with a straight network cable between Production and Display, to rule out any switch issues. Any difference?


Are these machines tweaked according to our guidelines? (enclosed)


Best Regards,


Dataton Support



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