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enable/disable warp - MPCDI to virtual display

Rob Engle

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I have a show file in which I would like to be able to dynamically enable or disable the warp/blends being applied to the displays.  Essentially this is to support being able to warp the show, using an MPCDI, but then be able to temporarily disable that warp while we run test patterns or alignment grids. My goal is to not need to change the show file to switch between these modes.  One thought I had was to use the MPCDI to drive virtual displays (which would then have the warp/blend baked in) and then have the displays configured without a warp/blend. Place the virtual display "media" on the associated, unwarped display output.

Can this even be done?  I don't see any obvious place where one might configure MPCDI to drive a virtual display.

Any other suggestions?

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