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Show Control in Watchout 7

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Excited that Watchout 7 is out in the world and that we can start exploring how to bring its new capabilities into our work. One fairly urgent matter for me, working frequently in American regional theaters, is the matter of show control, either MSC or OSC (ideally both, OSC functionality's inclusion in Watchout 7 is a huge win). At the moment, it does not seem like MSC or OSC (not from Eos or any other OSC source) can control any timeline in Watchout 7. What is the timeline for the inclusion of this feature? I know just having an operator advance cues seems like a natural solution, but lots of theaters do not have experienced video folks who can serve as operators and having LX trigger the projections is a major selling point for Watchout, so on the shows that I will be engineering/programming my solution will likely be to use TouchDesigner to receive the OSC coming off of the lighting console and translate that to Watchout's remote control protocol (that used to be a bit iffy because it was UDP based, not exactly missional critical territory to just drop some cue go triggers, but both Eos and TouchDesigner can do OSC over TCP, which will minimize that stuff). How are folks working around this at the moment?

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