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Main computer doesn’t receive new files


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Hello, while we are working on watchout for a rehearsal, we loaded a new media on the project and watchout got frozen on the main screen it was showing the watchout logo as it is loading the file but files has not been loaded never it was stuck. We restarted the main computer which is connected to the main led and computer did not start the windows. You can see on the attached picture. I searched the error and on the internet i found a solution I went to BIOS and i disabled the Smart self test and i could reboot and open the windows. Since then my problem is I am able to control the files which were exist before on my control computer and they are working well. My problem is i can not create any new watchout file and i can not import any new media into any project. Watchout is running only the files that was created before this problem but not possible to either add a new media or create a project. I have tried so many things but it is still same. I reset both computers but did not change. What can be the problem could you please help me? I got so different errors please see the attached files.

ı get so many errors, one of them,

writeshow; can’t create show

Please check screenshots










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