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Semi-random glitch

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I've got a semi random glitch happening often when a new cue starts on the timeline.

In this video you can observe it. When the timeline moves from pause to a new cue, the whole screen shows a white frame that shouldn't be there.
I then move back on the timeline, repeat the same passage but no white frame is shown.

This happens semi-randomly. Like once in 5-10 minutes.


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UPDATE: In this configuration I had two player and one producer. The second player was used as a backup and both screen where in the same position, on two separate layers.

When I turn off the second computer and remove its screen from the stage, the problem seem to disappear.

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On 5/10/2024 at 11:38 AM, wiesemann said:

Inhad something like that years ago (Watchout 6.x ) when trying to use my now old Nvidia 1080Ti. Only those glitches were black, so I stopped even trying to use a non professional graphics card.

Thing is, I'm using a quadro rtx a4000 with the same driver as the watchpax. My system should be 1:1 as described in the installation guide pdf.

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