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Build a new watchout 5 CPU


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Hi All i'm new to the watchout..


i just have order to built a watchout 5 system in my working place


i've digging for several days in the net and stil corious what is the best spec for the computer running for 4 display in the single computer for watchout...

there is no lot of option for hardware in my country


i'm try to looking 4 display output grapich card in my country and it's seem is very difficult


the best spec that i can get is using Core i7 - 3820, intel mainboard INTEL DZ77BH-55K, and with two graphic card GTX560Ti HURRICANE 1024MB DDR5 and equip with 16gb memory and 250gb ssd.


i want to built 4 same spec CPU with that componen...


but before i build that i really need help.. it that system it's ok and watchout 5.3 can work fine with that ??..


Thank you..

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Hi Sanjaya,


And which country might that be?


1) Multi-channel Graphics card


WATCHOUT will ONLY work with ONE graphics card with up to 6 outputs.


Currently there are no NVidia card that does this, only AMD.


Preferably HD7970:



Please remember to use ACTIVE DisplayPort/MiniDisplayPort-->to-->DVI-adapters


2) Processor/Motherboard


"Core i7 - 3820, intel mainboard INTEL DZ77BH-55K"


These 2 will not match.


- Core i7-3820 needs a X79/LGA2011-based mainboard, like DX79SI/DX79TO or DX79SR

- INTEL DZ77BH-55K is a Z77/LGA1155-based mainboard, needs a Core i7-3770 processor or less


You can look here for more info/examples on configurations:




Hope this helps,



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Yes, but you will need an ACTIVE MiniDisplayPort-->VGA-adapter, not a DisplayPort-->VGA-adapter.


Like this:


Available here:








hi Jonas.. thank you for you help i find out the msi dealer in my country for msi 7970..

and try to order from them.. if i used it for 4 display output did the http://www.accellcables.com/products/DisplayPort/DP/dp_vga.htm can work fine ??

i show the item was sold on ebay and maybe i buy just from ebay.. and i just used 4 of them and can get 4 display output ?? thank you


best regard


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