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WebCams and Watchout

Guest Creative Hacker

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Guest Creative Hacker

Watchout amazes me. I would like to know if it is possible to input a Web cam as live video?


Web cams are all i can get my hands on at the moment for a budget solution.


See what i would like to test to see if Watch out is suitable for it is if i can input live footage and apply a chroma key to test out virtual sets, but rather then using it to show over multiple displays I want to have multiple cameras show on a single display and switch between them for different camera angles?


I would imagine this would be doable with one PC as there is only one display ?


From what i can tell Watch out should be able to do all this just hoping there is away to get it to work with Webcams which i have in mind for some other ideas i want to test out?


Thanks for your help.

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