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Aux Timeline stops

Benni Brostian

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Hey ho...


question ..




I got a cue in my main timeline, which starts a aux timeline with a clip.


starts well, plays well, but at the moment the main timeline pauses on the next pause cue,

the aux timeline stops for a short moment.




Got another Cue in the Main Timeline which starts a aux timeline with a live input (ppt and live camera). Got a smooth fade in

with 2 seconds, but its not a smooth fade, it looks like a hard cut.




is there a way to change these things?


clips are :


tech specs


6 WO Display Computers

22 Outputs

100GB of Content 

Content 1920x1080 .m2v 20Mb/s 15GOP

Live Input 1280x720p 50

All Outputs are set to 1920x1080p 50

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In my experience, there is often a delay until the live video inputs become visible. So your smooth fade is probably working, but because the video isn't being displayed until the fade is almost done, it appears as if it were a cut transition. To avoid this, I try to keep a copy of the live input active by hiding it on a display somewhere behind a background, or by keeping the video task active, but fading the opacity to zero. This seems to prevent the live video inputs going into 'standby' and when I launch a task with a live video cue, it is visible immediately. I don't keep know whether having live inputs running constantly has a performance impact, but it seems to avoid the wait before the live input signal is visible. This probably depends on the capture cards - Datapath cards seem to cue up more swiftly than the Blackmagic ones, for example.

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Hi matkeane,


that is a good way to do that.


in this case we use Datapath cards.


Hm - so i guess i have to do that, i got 46 Cues for THIS aux timeline ;)


Thank god - "Copy - Paste" ;)


now there is one question left - aux timeline pauses for 0.5 seconds when the main timeline

runs on the next pause cue.


Thank you matkeane!

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Hi Benjamin,


On a recent project, with both Blackmagic and Datapath live inputs running simultaneously, I added a cue for each of the live inputs to the Main Timeline, on stage within the relevant display, but behind the background image so that they were hidden from view. I extended these two cues to the entire length of the show, so that they were always present. The live inputs for display were added to tasks, and cued up when required. Apart from the live video of the presenter animating into place, there wasn't much other animation on-screen, but I didn't notice any stutter when they came on. Your mileage may vary if you have a lot of other animation going on, I guess.


It was the Dataton distributor in Paris who showed me the trick with the hidden cues to keep the inputs active. Without them, I saw between 1-2 seconds of delay before the live video showed, so I always do this now.

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