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Edge blend position

Neil Stratton

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Hi all-have a query from a client. They have 5 videos which are 1066 wide running through 5 1280 projectors. The question is if the videos are all centred in the displays, is it possible to move the position of the edge blend to bring them in from the edge?Obvioulsy it needs to end not at the end of the panel. I have only ever used the full panel in blends so don't know if this is possible.The projector positions are fixed so we dont have the option of moving them.Hope this makes sense.


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Ok to clarify here is what they are trying to do.Basically we have fixed projector positions.The videos are rendered at 1066 x 800. The projectors are 1280 x 800.So the videos don't fill the panels which means we don't have an edge blend.

Obviously we could re-render the videos at 1280 by 800 but wondered if there was a better way to fix this? If I change the width of the Display in the Stage Position and Size of Display to 1066 by 800 will this give me what we need?

 Looking at it on monitors it looks like the answer but just want to be sure.





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