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Asus HD 7970 Problem

Erol Akcay

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We have problems with our new graphics card Asus HD7970. We are trying to run 4 x 1280by720 videos using 4 DVI outputs. The videos are randomly freezing, dropping frames. Video codecs and pc specs are :


Video Codecs: h264, mp4, 1280x720, 20.000 kbps


PC Specs:

Intel Core i7 Hexa 990 3.47 GHz / 12MB / Socket 1366

ASUS X58 Sabertooth

Corsair 6 GB, DDR3-1066, 2 GB x 3, triple-channel

2 x  Intel SSD 510 Series, 250GB

Corsair HX650W

Asus HD 7970 3gb


We had Sapphire RADEON HD6970 2GB graphics card with same PCs, they never caused problems playing same videos.


I saw that Asus HD7970 is in recommended list. Our Windows 7 are 32bit. We saw that the problem got worse when we had the videos free running.


Any opinions?


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Video Codecs: h264, mp4, 1280x720, 20.000 kbps


Your hardware seems capable, but I can't see that HD7970 or HD6970 should make any difference here.

Video encoding is not done by the GPU, but via the CPU.

Any other differences between earlier, working setups, and now?


I would suggest you encode at a lower bitrate, for example 10 MBps instead, as a test.

20 MBps is quite high for a 720p h264 file, I think.


Codecs for stable WATCHOUT playback 2012:



How are you encoding?

How are your Display devices connected?





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