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Datapath VisionSDI2 Latency


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I already got quiet a bit of support from Dataton, but i wanted to

share my experience with the Datapath VisionSDI2 Grabbercard with you


I'm using it with Watchout 5.31

on a I5, P8P67, SSD, 8gb Ram 64 bit System.


Running 1080i 25 directly into the Server from a Camera,

watching it on a TFT i get about 200 ms of Delay.

This seems to be a bit much, but i couldn't find any settings

to tweak it.


Drivers, Firmware and Software is all up to date.


Has anybody a hint for me to solve the Problem?





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  • Dataton Partner

Hi Roman,

You're not deinterlacing your signal I presume? If so, don't, but choose a progressive setting of camera in stead. If that isn't the case, I wouldn't have a clue. 200ms does sound excessive.

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No Deinterlacing is happening. Also I tried 720p, with the same Result.


I made a short videoclip with 50 fps, which each frame numbered.

filmed it, and put the Grabberwindow next to the Video. Then

I took a snapshot with my photocamera, and the Difference is

repeatable 9 Frames.


Running out of Ideas...

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Hi, after some more testing, shame on me. 

I've tried anothed Camera and now the Delay is fine.

Seems that Panasonics smaller Cameras

a have notiable delay on their SDI Output, didn't know that.


But still, it only works in 720p 50. With 1080i 50, I can't get Watchout to Deinterlace the Signal.

The Vision Window with BOB Deinterlacing looks fine.


Thank you



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