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KVM Introducing "Coloured" noise across Cat 7 cables. Has anyone else had this problem?

David Organ

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I have 28 Panasonic PDT6000 projectors in two 360 theatre using KVM extenders across Cat 7 (Cat 7 length is 20 metres and 80 metres).

I am seeing Colour difference when using the KVM extenders and Cat 7.

Running the Displays PCs direct to PC via VGA i have stunningly smooth blend BUTt when using KVM extenders and short Cat5 cables we see vast colour difference between each Projector and we have almost a rainbow effect in the blends.


Has anyone else had this problem?

Please can you offer some advice?

What KVM Products give the best colour & image consistency?


Many thanks,



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Personally, i would suggest a digital solution. This should take care of color issues as distance can wreak havok with analog signals if not properly calibrated. Especially when dealing with dissimilar lengths.


I have been using the new HDBaseT extenders from companies like Atlona and Gefen. There are also products from AMX and Crestron, though more costly and difficult to come across if not a dealer.


HDBaseT can extend not only an HDMI/DVI signal 100M over CAT5 cable, it can also extend ethernet, serial, IR, and USB, all over a single CAT5.


Here are a couple of examples of suggested extenders:







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