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multipul displays from one computer


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multipul displays from one computer


 Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to have more than one display from an output computer.  I have three computers controlling three projectors. I am hitting three screens at the back of the scenery and the geometry has been adjusted to the screens.  A drop is now being added at the front of the stage that i want to hit from my center projector but would like to resize the screen. Can I add a new screen to Watchout for this drop only without changing the original screen ?? Both screens will not be on at the same time.



James Carrier

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Came across this a few shows back. Here's how I worked around it.

IF, and it's a big IF, you can control the projector through TCPIP or Serial, you can change the source on the projector through watchout.

Both displays must be the same resolution, and you go out of the computer to another input on the projector. Send a command through a task in watchout to switch inputs (preferably when the shutter is closed), and you can have a sized screen and an unsized screen on the same projector. I don't know if you have watchout control of your projectors, or what type they are, but you can look up the codes for switching inputs.

That's what I got.

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