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Ken Sachs

Watchout as a source into Blackmagic ATEM switcher

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Has anyone had any luck getting Watchout to play through an ATEM switcher?


Atem switcher wants to see interlaced video.


Video card we have is a Nvidia GeForce GTX 750. Setting is 1080i 30 hertz out. The Watchout splash screen shows up, but as soon as I put computer online... screen goes black. Our other displays have eyefinity cards and the ATEM switcher wouldnt even recognize the computer.


If someone has gotten this to work... please let me know how and what graphic card you have!



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The HD version of the ATEM switcher is very limiting.


Though their 4k switcher can also take progressive signals, and it is way more flexible than their 1st generation.


The price difference is not so bad:




Good luck.

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As Jonas says, no interlaced output from WATCHOUT.

The reason you see the logo screen on startup,

logo screen is shown in GDI mode until a show is loaded

and the progressive only restriction is not yet in effect.

Show load forces the switch to DirectX 3D

and the progressive only restriction then goes into effect.

Displays go black because your switcher is unable

to accept the progressive signal it is receiving.


Other customers encountering this,

inserted scalars on each channel - to externally convert progressive to interlaced - $$$ ouch.

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We had to convert the signal from WO through a Panasonic switcher and than output it back to black magic.


In the process we tried to use 4 different video processors to convert the signal (including analog way, Kramer, and more), without luck.


When we run it through a Panasonic video switcher, it worked right away.


We have reason to assume that blackmagic "like" to work with "clean" broadcast signals.

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