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  1. thanks guys, i will do both recomendations, I will let you guys know if that fixed the issue.
  2. I did both recommendations and no luck. the network card is taking about 2 to 3 mins to boot up. Dataton Watchout usually has the IP address on the splash screen once it booted. This Backup server stopped showing the IP address after the new netCard was installed. My solution is to have my operators power cycle the server first . Wait about 5mins than reboot the production computer. its works fine But not like the primary fast and ready to play. I reboot my watchout system every week. Been doing it for 5 years and the system is rock soild. I would like to know how to fix the slow netwo
  3. Little Help Here, I have two production computers and two display computers. One is a primary and the other is a backup with watchout 5.3.1. When I first set up our system the production computer and display computer were able to be rebooted and automatically recognized the IP address. The production computer was able to recognizing the Display computer without going to Specification and testing the display IP address. We had the network go bad on the backup Display computer which is an onboard network. I installed a new network work card and set the IP address. The production computer an
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