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  1. Since your content is large it still has a lot to load so there may need to be a lot more pre-roll than a second or two. Even though HAP can be unconventional sizes, I always still try and presplit content to more standard resolutions. Or at least try to keep your content divisible by 8 for some reason, I always seem to also have less issues when sticking to that rule.
  2. I've not seen any issues with HAP, HAPQ, or HAPA aside from some limitations on the final output and gradients, but that's unrelated to WO. Usually for HAP I would look into how many cores you have available. I personally go about half that many as my chunk size. My workflow however is just directly from after effects/premiere and export as HAP from Media Encoder and no converting from other codecs if possible. I usually use 5-6 chunks and seem to have no playback issues. This plugin from GitHub hasn't given me any issue for Media Encoder, but now and then on ME updates I'll uni
  3. Personally I tend to do chunks around half the amount of cores or maybe 1 or 2 more, I havent seens too much of a difference when doing this. More important to know how many cores you have in your display servers or if your show may be travling and not using the same gear to make sure it wouldnt need to be rerendered if it ends up on display machines with less cores.
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