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  1. Thank you for your time Miro! All clips now are working well. The video playback is good. I used an msi app to tune the system overclocking a bit the cpu and v-ram. It solve the video playback problem. But i dont think this is the solution because i used for coolux and resolume with big resolutions and several layers with any problem. I removed the bloatware from win10 too to try to solve the problem. Now the problem comes when i turn on the loop option on a clip and hit play. WO producer get stacked and i have to close from task manager and start the software again. The power sett
  2. Thank you for ur time RBeddig. I have checked the refresh rate. this makes sense. Seems like the builtin screen doesn't admit less than 120hz. I ve udated the intel graphic driver but same issue. Looks like all graphic modes available are at 120hz. I tried to diasble the built in monitor using just nvidia gtx1060 with an external monitor but same issue on WO6. I forced from Nvidia driver to use gtx to run WO6. I will check the info about the builtin screen on msi web to see if there are a limitatioin en 120hz. I will remove bloatware too and see what happens. But I tried with an alienwa
  3. Thank you RBeddig! Im testing just the producer offline without any display computer. i turned off all network (wifi and lan) just to try. But same issue. Looks like some driver or software is creating some conflict just with WO6. Because all other softwares are working well.
  4. yes firewall off. But what im doing is just test the producer software with this laptop without a WO DISPLAY connected just testing codecs and functionallities. But like this there is no way to work with. I test also with an alienware without any tweaking process and it works well even with big files and even with compressed stuff, such as mp4. any suggestions? Im using this laptop as a producer to control Coolux servers with any problem (wich is very similar in the way it works to WO6, with a laptop using Lan to control server). Now im moving to another company wich uses WO6 as media server.
  5. Hello I bought a laptop MSI ge73vr 7re raider i7 with a gtx 1060 and 32GB RAM running win10 pro. Im trying to use watchout production on it since several days. The software looks ok while programming it, but when you play any video only can play the first few frames and then it get stacked but the timeline still running. when you pause the timeline, the preview shows the right frame. i tried a few codecs as h264, hap, mp4, avi. I tried different sizes. when the clip is small like 512x512 it plays correctly. I tried to do some tweaking with the tweaking guide but not all beacuase i want to use
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